Pages under this section show our available stock. 

 Current Stock

These are the trees that are available for purchase.  However, please bear in mind that as each is unique it is possible that somebody can beat you to a product.  I once had three requests for the same tree within a half hour period.  The tree you see is the tree you get and there is only one.  Similar can be made, but they will not look exactly the same.  Also please note that some categories may have more than one page, and if you hit the next button at the bottom of the page it takes you to the bottom of the next page and you then have to scroll up the page to view our stock trees.

Trees are listed both in inches and mm (when I remember). 

We cannot bring all current stock to shows, so if there is a piece in which you have a particular interest please contact us to enable us to bring it to the show you are attending.  You can see our  show list from the left hand side menu.

Trees made during a week prior to a show generally do not make it onto the website prior to the show. Thus there may be trees at a show which are not on the website; and if sold at the show never make it to our pages.






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